The Stratford Historical Society

Events, 2018

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Judson House and the Catharine B. Mitchell Museum



September 29th., 2:00 pm, Stratford Library ,Lovell room,

2203 Main Street Stratford Ct.

Stratford Historical Society Presents: Women in the American revolution: Putting the "Her" in Heroes.

Eric Chandler will introduce some of the women who risked their lives, their fortunes and their sacred  honor to lift the yoke of British control of the 13  Colonies. . Women who  are missing from our history books, their stories as soldiers and spies left untold.

All meetings are free and open to the public. Please bring a friend! Donations are gratefully accepted.

Then on Saturday, November 17th. at 2 p.m. Beth Caruso will be discussing the first witches put to death in Connecticut. Beth worked hard, with other Windsor residents, to clear the names of the wrongly executed Windsor witches. Windsor's work on clearing the names of these good women may well be a model for us in Stratford to clear the name of Goody Bassett.

All meetings are free to the public, please bring a friend! Donations are gratefully accepted.